Dan Coplan


Dan is now offering aerial video/photo services with
radio controlled multirotor aircraft.

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DAN COPLAN, SOC is a Los Angeles based cinematographer, Steadicam operator, RC aerial pilot, and Ronin tech.

"But what really sets "Islander" apart is marine photography by Steadicam whiz Dan Coplan. Shot on location in Vinalhaven and environs, the film is a New England seacoast visual feast. It is so breathtaking, you may find yourself booking passage Down East."

Islander feature review, Boston Herald

"Dan Coplan's cinematography...beautifully capture[s] island life by isolating telling details at sea and on dry land that bring us into these people's lives."

Islander feature review, Hollywood Reporter

"...it's capably played by a practiced ensemble and stunningly photographed by Dan Coplan to capture the glorious light and colour of the Södermanland coast and countryside."

A Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy feature review, Oxford Times

With a degree in Computer Science and Music, Dan left an established career in Washington, DC in 1993 to relocate west and attend Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

While pursuing his Masters degree in Motion Pictures, Dan interned at George Lucas' visual effects company, Industrial Light + Magic (ILM). Shortly thereafter, Dan moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for cinematography and work with leading professionals in the industry.

With the contacts and relationships Dan has developed, he can put together most any camera package at rates more competitive than standard rentals. He is proficient with the full range of cameras from lower budget DSLR's through to the highest end digital cinema offerings and his work as a cinematographer and DIT provides a solid foundation for HD and imaging technology overall. Dan can also assemble reliable, professional crews.

Dan's Steadicam is a top-of-the-line film industry grade rig that includes wireless video transmission and wireless lens control. He has flown everything from DSLR's to HD video cameras to full featured motion picture film cameras.

Dan also offers aerial video and still photography with remote controlled multirotor copters including an octocopter with 3-axis independently controlled gimbal for maximum flexibility in creating shots and a quadcopter for smaller cameras, budgets, and tighter spaces. Information about this can be viewed at Dan's Sky Bandit Pictures website: SkyBanditPictures.com


2015 got off to a great start with a couple days working for NFL Network as Steadicam Operator. Several days on a Dodge commercial followed as Tech for the Ronin stabilizing camera platform and carried over to similar work on a fashion shoot for Pull & Bear. The end of the month wrapped up with work as Aerial Operator for Aerial Mob on an Audi commercial. Aerial Mob is one of the few companies that have FAA approval to fly camera drones legally for commercial hire.

The Walmart campaign concluded with one last day. A couple days were spent as Camera Operator on 'Nerd Court', a new web series, and then a full week on a Fidelity commercial working as a tech for the Ronin, a new stabilized remote head for cameras.

Shooting the Walmart campaign occupied the majority of this month. A week was taken off to work on Car Crazy at SEMA in Las Vegas and a return trip to Vegas was spent shooting a field segment for the Queen Latifah Show featuring KISS, Olivia Newton John, the Chippendales, and a number of local attractions.

This month was exclusively filled with several days working as Camera and Steadicam Operator on a large Walmart campaign in preparation for the holidays. Talent featured Anthony Anderson, Mary Joan Hart, a guest appearance by Tim Tebow, and a number of other international celebrities.

The beginning of the month brought a return to shooting more aerials for Happy Canyon Vineyard followed by some aerials and camera operating for the Queen Latifah Show. A stop over at the NFL for some Steadicam and a couple days at the DGA carried through to the end of the month and work on a press junket for 'Jane the Virgin' and the International Cinematographer's Guild's 'Emerging Cinematographer Awards'.

Only one month out of knee surgery at the beginning of the month, Dan eased back into working with a couple of nights at the Director's Guild of America (DGA) covering Q&A sessions with the directors of 'Hercules' and 'Get On Up'. The end of the month offered a few days of work on the Dr. Phil show as camera operator, Steadicam on Face Off for SyFy, and shooting aerials for Happy Canyon Vineyard.

With things winding down a bit for the Summer, Dan took advantage of the break to have ACL reconstruction surgery on his knee. Should be better than ever! There was enough healing time by the end of the month to allow giving a presentation on behalf of his aerial cinematography company, Sky Bandit Pictures. Held at AbelCine in Burbank, Dan and aerial partner Matt Mosher spoke about what's involved in a production day involving filming with multirotor UAV's (drones).

Getting close to wrapping up the season with 'Car Crazy', Dan traveled to York, PA to cover the National Street Rod show and finished up with a trip down to Global Motorsports Group (GMG) in Orange County, CA. The highlight of the month was getting decked out in full race gear to compete in 24 Hours of LeMons at Buttonwillow Raceway in Southern California.

'Car Crazy' full speed ahead with stops in Corona, CA to visit a private museum and Palm Springs, CA to cover the experience of a track day at The Thermal Club. Dan's aerial drone company Aerial CinePro went airborne shooting stills and video of an exclusive Hollywood Hills property for real estate marketing. The month included work operating camera on 'The Bridge' for FX Network and Steadicam for the 5th season of 'Couples Therapy' on VH1. May wrapped up with a live event at SpaceX hosted by CEO/CTO Elon Musk unveiling Dragon V2, their next generation spacecraft designed to carry astronauts to space.

Dan squeezed in a quick day on 'NFL AM' for NFL Networks before going international with 'Car Crazy'. The overseas trips covered a variety of collections both private and public, tuning shops, and events such as the 28th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals in Tokyo, Japan and the 36th annual 'American Car Show' in Helsinki, Finland. Dan finished off the month with a day as DP on 'West Coast Customs' for FOX.

March kicked off in Florida with more 'Car Crazy' including stops in Miami, Punta Gorda, and one of the top national Concours d'Elegance shows in Amelia Island. The second half of the month was filled with Steadicam work on NFL Networks' 'Total Access' live broadcast show.

This month started off with continuing work on Velocity Channel's 'Car Crazy' at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. Filling in gaps throughout the month included camera operator work on feature film, 'Bloodsucking Bastards', Steadicam walk-throughs of corporate real estate for View The Space, and Steadicam on 'Total Access' for NFL Networks.

2014 started off with a bang and never slowed down. First, a really cool aerial job utilizing an octocopter outfitted with a gyro stabilized camera platform. Dan and his team shot the rooftop of the newly renovated LA Forum which featured a huge spinning record dedicated to The Eagles who celebrated the grand reopening with a series of concerts. Some of the footage can be seen on Dan's Aerial Cine Pro's website. More aerial footage was shot in Chinatown as a site survey for a downtown developer as well as footage for a TaylorMade golf commercial. With the NFL season still under swing, Dan continued work operating Steadicam for NFL Networks. Entertainment Tonight offered up a variety of entertainment news to cover, Dan operated camera for a multi-cam event at the Director's Guild of America featuring Academy Award nominated directors Martin Scorsese, Steve McQueen, David O'Russel, and Alexander Payne. As if all that wasn't enough, Dan worked several days as Camera Operator on feature horror film, 'Bloodsucking Bastards'. Phew!

Despite slowing down getting close to the holidays and end of the year, Dan maintained a good pace primarily shooting for Entertainment Tonight and shooting more aerials for a music video starring international Sony recording artist, Shivali. Dan also managed to catch up on a bunch of screenings!

Along with covering the NFL season at NFL Networks in Culver City, Dan operated Steadicam for a stock shoot comissioned by Corbis, put his Aerial Cine Pro quadcopter to use shooting real estate property, and logged a few days with Entertainment Tonight including covering the red carpet event for 'Hunger Games 2', following the Paul Walker tragedy, and a variety of other stories.

Most of October was occupied operating Steadicam and camera for NFL Networks on 'Total Access', 'Fantasy Live', and 'NFL AM'. A really exciting aerial shoot took place for a new show from REELZ Channel called 'Hollywood Scandals'. Dan's Aerial Cine Pro venture spent a day shooting a variety of beauty shots of the Hollywood sign. Some choice takes can be viewed on the home page's demo reel at AerialCinePro.com.

The NFL season is in full swing and Dan has been at NFL Network studios operating Steadicam for NFL Total Access, NFL Fantasy Live, and NFL AM. Dan also shot the final episode of the season for 'Fun, Fit and Fabulous' and covered the International Cinematographers Guild 'Emerging Cinematographers' film festival at the Directors Guild in Hollywood, CA. Additonally, Dan has been hard at work chasing and implementing the latest multirotor technology for his remote aerial video and photo operation, Aerial Cine Pro.

August has seen a flurry of activity starting with shooting aerial footage of a gunfight on horseback for feature film 'Six Gun Savior'. Clips from this shoot can be seen on the Aerial Cine Pro website at the Demo Reel link. Then it was up to the skies over Los Angeles celebrity homes in a Robinson R22 for a still photo shoot for Forbes Magazine. A new campaign for Cigna had Dan shooting in Florida, North Carolina, and Connecticut. Queen Latifah has a new show and Dan worked as DP and Steadicam op for an opening segment for their premiere broadcast.

July offered a bit of a break with some time off back East. But upon return to LA, Dan got right back to it with a few days on BCII TV's 'Fit, Fun, and Fabulous', shooting aerials for a music video featuring Snoop Lion as a guest star, and showing off his 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite at Burbank's Car Classic. Ok, that last one wasn't work, but it was fun!

Summer has shown no signs of slowing down. Dan finished up in Colorado for 'Car Crazy' then finished up the season in France and Monaco. He also squeezed in a handful of Steadicam days for View the Space.

This month found Dan in Santa Barbara for 'Extreme RV's', at the Los Angeles Convention Center for several days of a global technology conference, and in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Gateway, Colorado for Velocity Channel's 'Car Crazy'. The shoot in Colorado was spent with the founder of Discovery Channel, John Hendricks.

Another busy month as Dan was DP for a commercial for a groundbreaking medical device, traveled to Mexico City for Velocity Channel's 'Car Crazy', shot in Virginia for Travel Channel's 'Extreme RV's', and shot aerials with his quadcopter on Venice Beach for a Travel Channel pilot.

Mar 25
NFL Studios called Dan in to operate Steadicam for the live broadcast show, "Total Access".

Mar 17-20
Canadian restaurant chain Tim Horton shot a campaign in Los Angeles. Dan worked as Steadicam and Camera Operator for the spot.

Mar 15
Dan worked on a pilot as Camera Operator with DP, Matt Irving.

Mar 11
Strapping on his Steadicam, Dan flew through real estate for View the Space.

Feb 19 - Mar 7
Dan flew to four states around the country shooting for Travel Channel's 'Extreme Factories' and 'Extreme Yachts'. He also managed to squeeze in some time for live camera work at the International Cinematographers Guild's publicist awards show.

Feb 1-2
The Directors Guild of America (DGA) hosted academy award director nominees Ang Lee, Steven Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow, Ben Affleck, and Tom Hooper for a live Q & A. Dan worked as one of several live Camera Operators for the panel discussion.

Jan 30-31 & Feb 4-5
Speed Channel's 'Car Crazy' spent time with esteemed car collector Bruce Meyer at his garage and the Petersen Automotive Museum. Dan worked as Camera Operator for the segment.

Jan 21
Survivor Truck is a massive custom built truck designed to survive a wide range of compromising situations. Dan shot and directed a segment for one of Travel Channel's 'Extreme Series' shows featuring the vehicle and its owner/designer.

Jan 5-11
Dan was hired as DP for a Spring campaign for American Eagle Outfitters. He also operated camera, Steadicam, and piloted a remote controlled quadcopter.

Jan 2-4, 14
As the football season continued into playoffs, Dan kept up with the action as Steadicam and camera operator for 'Total Access' and 'NFL AM', live broadcast shows on NFL Network.