Dan Coplan

Light Meter? But I'm Shooting Digital...
Outlines the importance of using a light meter, even in video production.

Painting Images with the DVX-100
An exploration into using the Panasonic DVX-100's color correction tools to creatively paint the images you shoot.

Over/Underexposing Video
Analysis of the basic characteristics of video when overexposed and underexposed.

DVX-100 Gamma Settings
A comparative look at the four gamma settings available with the Panasonic DVX-100 video camera.

Film Look Techniques for Video - Motion Artifacts
Some of the perceptive differences between video and film are discussed followed by reviews of a number of techniques used for achieving a film look for video.

DigitalPostProduction.com: Specs, tips, and tricks used on 'Sinatra: The Untold Story'
"'Sinatra: The Untold Story' ("Sinatra: Dark Star" is the title for the European version) is a cradle-to-grave biography of the late Frank Sinatra. Premiering on BBC1 in the UK, ZDF in Germany, Arte in France, and A&E in the US, the big budget feature-length documentary..."